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Call me Binni.

I am passionate about creating things with care, and am grateful that I can do that for a living. I design all kinds of things, mostly books, but also magazines, annual reports, catalogues, brochures, ads, posters, and web pages.

I am also a copy editor and proofreader with 30 years' experience. This usually goes hand in hand in my work, editing and designing, i.e. what language looks and sounds like.

On top of everything, I enjoy making videos and editing them.

I live in Reykjavik, Iceland, but spend an awful lot of time in London, my favourite place on earth. My Neverland: Reykjavik-upon-Thames.

I am the co-founder of Höfundaútgáfan (Authors' Publishing), a small press for indie literature and self publishers in Iceland.

This portfolio is just a sneak peek.


Consume less, create more: More words, more art — anything that lets you put something beautiful out into the world. Bringing heaven down to earth.

Attention to detail: Less is more.

Be kind: Work is important. How we treat each other, even more so.